Launch of my Patreon Page “One Photo / One Story”

I have decided to launch a new creative activity: the One Photo / One Story project. I do love words and images. But no need to be Einstein to realise that making money out of writing stories is rather tricky. I recently discovered Patreon thanks to artist Daniel O’Reilly who created a brilliant Patreon page to support his writing and thought “why not try as well and get financial support from fans to create my stories?”. Patreon is a clever platform which allows fans to pay a subscription of their choice in exchange for exclusive experiences or stories from the artist they support.

Imagine the story behind this image…

You can contribute for as little as 2 $ per month to get an exclusive access to my stories which will be a mix of fiction and non-fiction and will have a lot to do with emotions, feelings, encounters… And for those who know me well, don’t worry, there won’t be too many prefabs involved!

I hope you’ll become a fan and please, don’t hesitate to spread the word to your network of friends, family etc… THANK YOU


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