Looking for the Russian boy 1/#ищуэтогорусскогомальчика

Looking for the Russian boy / photo 1

On Sunday the 23rd of July 2017 I went to Izmailovo flee market in Moscow and bought an 80s Russian camera to a lovely couple who had a stall there. When I came back to France, I gave it to my sister and when I wanted to show her how to work it out, I found out there was a film in it. I had it developed…

… And here I am now, with a set of 18 black & white pictures from the 80s mainly showing a young boy at a celebration, at home, with other children and probably his family. Looking at the photos, I came out with this crazy idea : searching for the Russian boy in the photos and give his images back to him.

Do get in touch if you know him or think you do! And please spread the word #lookingfortherussianboy / #ищуэтогорусскогомальчика

My friend Sonia Zhuravlyova has kindly translated a few words in Russian to help spread the search! Thank you Sonia:

Я ищу русского мальчика на фотопленки, которую я нашла в камере 1980-х годов в Москве в июле 2017 года. Не могли бы помочь его найти?


  1. Know very well all about it ,his mother is now late in the night, wrote to me in Skype , but let the BOY write myself . Wait , please !


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