God Save Santa! 14 years of Santacon

Santacon 2006

16th of December 2006, more than 500 santas are taking over the streets of London. It’s called santacon. and it’s all about fun and pub crawling!

It started in December 2001: a few dozens of Santas took over the streets of Central London, singing their own naughty carols, climbing up and down and up and down again some escalators, invading some art places,  almost stopping at every pub on the route…


Santacon “made in London” was born! (the idea originally comes from some American Santas who started it by accident crawling a few bars on the West Coast).


Year after year, more and more Santas have joined causing more and more jolly mayhem in iconic London landmarks such as Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, the Southbank… as you can discover on my devoted Santa photo album.


Why am I writing about it (again)? Because it’s Santacon again this Saturday, Ho Ho Ho… it’s a joyful day not to be missed! There was even a marriage proposal made during one Santacon…

Santacon 2006


Santa Punk…

Santacon 2006


Santas at Virgin Megastore, Oxford Street-2002

Santacon 2006

Santacon 2006


Santacon 2006


Santacon 2006


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