One Stop Photo London – Travelling through photography

One preview evening in the heart of Winter and of the East End, Mandy, Agnès and I had the idea to create a little photo festival. Agnès mentioned there was going to be in May a huge photography event called Photo London at the Somerset House. Why not organise ours with photographers we like showing works we love… We needed a place, Mandy suggested we asked Balthazart UK if they could host the event at the Seven Dials Club in the heart of Covent Garden. They loved the idea. One Stop Photo London was born. And it’s starting Wednesday evening till Sunday.


It’s a photographic journey starting with Hamid Blad‘s unexpected and strong black & white portraits of Barbie Dolls. They look incredibly real and surreal at the same time, dead and very much alive.


They contrast strongly with Etienne Clement‘s colourful little biblical and iconic figurines clashing with industrial landscapes and seascapes…


… which take us to the beach, to childhood, nostalgia and seaside holiday memories which strongly influence my Life Aquatic collages.


Memory is a recurrent theme in Ingrid Newton‘s wonderful and poignant work Strange Country. Superimposing old family photos to the homes she lived in, she revisits her childhood. A very intimate work that echoes Mandy Williams’ Before series.

Mandy Williams_Before1

I must say I am very fond of Mandy Willams‘ sensitivity, of the way she sees, photographs and records the world around us, the traces and signs of humanity.


Then Emmanuelle Foussat makes us travel with her on a personal journey, a beautiful and lonely day dream although inspired by a love deception.


Agnès Villette‘s images also tell a story. A cinematographic story. Her images are like stills extracted from a movie. Their stillness intensifies a dramatic plot going on…

3 - Apparition

Another dramatic atmosphere lays in Helio Leon‘s photos: The Purple Rooms is also a personal journey in the heart of Istanbul. The intimacy of his photos, their warm and dark colours, their blur, show how close he is to his subject, to the subject.

One Stop Photo London runs from May 20th till May 24th at the Seven Dials Club. Preview on Wednesday 20th from 6pm.


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