Macedonian Holidays

I went to see Mommy by Canadian film maker and genius Xavier Dolan on Tuesday night. I cried as I had rarely done before. Only Wim Wenders’ Paris Texas (when Nastassia Kinski is reunited with her son) and Almodovar’s All About My Mother had a similar effect on me. But Mommy even has something else. It is even more than a masterpiece. There is so much love in this film, so much emotion it is almost unbearable for the most of the time too emotional person I am.


Mommy tells a story of a mum and her son, a 15 years old, suffering from hyperactivity and anti-social behaviour. They both have to grieve the husband/father’s death. And there is the neighbour, who also suffered a recent trauma (the loss of a son?). She is a school teacher but she can’t work and hardly talk. The three spend a few months together, dealing with Steve’s difficulties to adapt and adjust to the world, trying to make him fit although you know it won’t probably work. It’s like walking on a line, walking on the top of a cliff when a tiny bit of wind could make you fall…

But there is so much energy in this film, so much freedom and hope you just don’t want the film to ever end, you want it to become be real life because it shows that even if life is tough, there is so much beauty in it.

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