Broadstairs, mist, beach, sand

The misty North Kent coast

A walk from Dreamland to Ramsgate


starting in Dreamland, derelict entertainment park and UK’s original pleasure park which is due to reopen in June this year! In the meantime, the Shell Grotto is a unique place, a grotto decorated with wonderful patterns of shells, nobody can really date.


And then up the Grotto Hill, there is another grotto, an incredible shop, Scott’s, full of junk, with even a Junk de Luxe section, vintage, and retro stuff. You could spend hours in there… and miss the low tides to do the walk. Anyway, it’s misty, foggy, the sun is struggling to come out. I am hoping that a bit of wind would come with the tide and clear the sky but it doesn’t happen and you can hardly see the sea.

Margate, deck chairs, sand, beach, sea

Before leaving Margate, this there is this poster from UKIP just right in a car park where immigrants are working for God knows how much an hour. It’s scary.

UKIP, immigrants

Further down the coast, little bays, chalk cliffs, and chalk on the esplanade making sense:

Europe, esplanade, margate

Yes, Europe is here in this seaside town they even helped not to close down.

golfer, ruins, Kent

Then, a golf course on the top of the cliff, and a golfer, texting, through some ruins. Further down, another bay, another castle.mist, castle



And Broadstairs:


I can’t believe there are so many people on the beach when you can not even see the sea, which has become some sort of mist-ery and who knows what could suddenly come out of it… Jaws????

Ramsgate, mist

And there is Ramsgate, the end of the walk, still in the mist, the sun never managed to show more than a round white struggling circle. Walking on the pier is the most sensational bit of the day. It’s like walking on an endless island. Nothing behind, nothing in front of you. And the sea on your right and on the left. Sometimes, the sound of a horn. Almost dramatic, tragic. Then a monster appears, in the shape of some sort of vessel. It’s a pub! The Royal Harbour Brasserie, at the end of the pier. And it’s open. And no, it’s not like the Norman Bates Motel. Pfewww, such a relief!

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