Tricky Tricky

Was it me or was it him? I had kept excellent memories of a Tricky gig at the Koko in 2010. He was there, on stage really there. Yesterday he was playing at St John-at-Hackney Church and he was another Tricky, well he was tricky. I never felt he was really there with us and made the effort to be. He was showing his back to us and I hardly could hear him from where I was in this weird unfriendly and gloomy church. Lucky Tricky to have wonderful musicians with him, especially the singer Francesca Belmonte (aka Franky Riley), saving the gig…

Maybe it was me, maybe I was not in the mood for Tricky, not when he is really tricky…

Tricky, convergence, gig, trip-hop, St John in Hackney

Only during the last two songs he gave a bit more of himself and reminded me of him and his hypnotic gig at the Koko. I went backstage and to the after-party on Inverness Street. Brilliant, I remember a fascinating mix of people, musicians, singers and a super friendly Tricky. Well, we all can be tricky sometimes, can’t we?

A few memories of the Koko gig…

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