Prefabs, Catford, Excalibur Estate, Lewisham, post-war, housing, London, UK, Jim Blackender

The sad end of the Excalibur Estate

I started taking pictures on the Excalibur Estate in Catford 13 years ago, feeding my obsession for prefabs and fascinated by the attachment residents had to their post-war homes. For the last 2 years, I have filmed the same corner of the Excalibur Estate each time I travelled down there. I wanted to record the decline of the estate, the prefabs being boarded up one after another, being hidden behind a wall and finally demolished. The demolition of the estate is progressing, destroying a community and distressing the last residents. By going through my archive, I re-discovered old footages and an interview of Jim Blackender I did in February 2013. Jim had lead a campaign to save the prefabs in 2009 which unfortunately failed. His words suddenly made so much sense to me, especially his interpretation of the role and strategy of the local authorities (Lewisham Council) to get rid of the prefabs.

I thought his words and my images could work together to add to the story of the Excalibur Estate, which is still Britain largest post-war prefab estate.

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  1. i remember finding this place (accidentally) during the london riots. while everywhere else was chaos this was like some strange little oasis of community.


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