The Old Man and the Sea abandoned hotel

The Old Man and the Sea, hotel, derelict, Marina Hemingway, Hemingway, abandoned

The Old Man and the Sea Hotel, Marina Hemingway

Cuban film maker Arturo Sotto shot a documentary called Breton es un bébé in 2008. It’s about André Breton – the father of surrealism – travelling with Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier. It’s pure fiction as the road trip never happened but this imaginative travel takes us from the Oriental provinces of Cuba to the far South East near Guantanamo. According to the film, Breton found Cuba weird… And, well, I do agree. Weird, surrealistic, unique, inspiring. A lot to write about, to talk about to learn about. Marina Hemingway is to me one of the most surrealistic place I have seen on the island. I do love it.

There is this hotel, derelict, abandoned, called The Old Man and the Sea. It closed because of bad management I was told. The guard doesn’t see me and I manage to let myself in trough the back. The sign of “all-inclusive” holidays are still there around the empty pool. I imagine it full, kids splashing and running around, parents drinking their mojitos at the pool cocktail bar, half immersed in the warm water. I imagine all sorts of things, all sorts of stories that might have happened here. My camera films, without a movement, sat next to me by the side of the empty pool. I don’t want to leave this place without keeping a moment of it. There is definitely something spooky about this place, it’s a ghost hotel and such a free space to let once’s imagination run wild… or not!

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