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Save Soho – in LM Magazine

Soho Square, Soho, Save Soho, London, UK, Campaign, Madame Jojo'sMy last piece for LM Magazine about the Save Soho Campaign… When I was writing the piece about the Save Soho Campaign, I was in Havana, desperate for an internet connection, sitting at the Hotel Sevilla in Old Havana. It was totally “anachronique”: writing about Paul Raymond, Francis Bacon, The French House, Stephen Fry and the louche reality of the place in a Havana grand hotel. At 12 I couldn’t escape the Cuban musicians starting singing and playing for the tourists in the patio. I was an accidental tourist. Writing there by accident. Well, not that accidental: Graham Greene did write there too. And room 501 was the one he chose for his character in his novel “Our Man in Havana”. Others probably wrote there too and still do. I am not the only one looking for internet in a country under-connected! Anyway, my time at the Hotel Sevilla proved to be fruitful because I also started writing the first chapter of a new book, about prefabs, for this big British or rather English institution which is English Heritage. Digging into the history of prefabrication, with Cuban music and Guantanamera playing on the patio was another anachronism, particularly enjoyable when it was time for the first Mojito! Although I enjoyed the place and the anonymity – I have great memories of my grand-parents and I in huge hotels spending time watching people and guessing their nationalities and even inventing the lives they were living…- of this Grand Hotel there was so much to see outside, I got a bit frustrated and my brain was miraculously stimulated so I could write and produce some work with an anormal high speed which I am crediting to the singers in the patio and the mix of mojitos and cerveza…

« Londres ne serait pas Londres sans Soho », proclame l’acteur Stephen Fry* dans la vidéo “Save Soho” lancée par le groupe d’activistes du…

Save Soho – LET’SMOTIV

Soho, Save Soho, London, UK, Madame Jojo's, campaign



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